Privacy Policy

  1. This privacy policy illustrate you that how to use jclassified and how we handle your personal information which will provided by you to us.

  2. 1. Information
    • As per as privacy policy we kept your posted data. It's our responsibility to keep secure and preventing it from any unauthorized accessed from outside resources.
    • As advertisement policy all ads posted by you are public.
    • We may more secure for keeping all information related with your personal detail like ip address, name, contact and other information that is required to us for your further help.
  3. 2. Modification and Updation
    • According to jclassified policy data or information posted by you will be editable and erasable by analyzing you through the registration (only required when you want to keep in touch with jclassified) done by you.
    • We delete your personal information when we no longer required of that.
  4. 3. Where this Privacy Policy applies
    • Our privacy policy applies on any of the product which you post on our site. This privacy policy applies on all the content and related information with post either this post is for buying or selling
    • Our privacy policy also applies on all the content or links related with jclassified on other website like gmail, facebook and twitter.
  5. 4. General
    • We may update or change our privacy policy from time to time. we will post all the changes and fully content of privacy policy on end of this page. If any updation or changes that is necessary for you, we will update you via notification.
    • This privacy policy is only meaning to collect your information for your reliable use of jclassified and to update you to our new changes. If you want to get any information related with your previous post you can check through registered on
    • If you have any queries about our privacy policy you can contact us on